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   Hello, and welcome to our little corner of the web!  At  Drag'N Fly Logistics LLC, we are a small town home grown father and son team.  We provide our customers with  fast, reliable, and safe, point-to-point courier and delivery services, expedited “hot shot” deliveries, as well as LTL over-the-road long-distance transport at a competitive rate. Located in Munday Texas, we will prouldy serve the great state of Texas and her neighboring states. Being just a short drive from the majority of larger hub cities such as Abilene, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland/Odessa, and the DFW area puts us in some what of a central location. Utilizing a one ton and a 40 foot goose neck we can very often get into places a semi truck cant go or would have trouble getting into at a better price which means savings for you and your customers bottom line!  

Before we get into talking business lets lighten things up with a joke of the day. Check back for often for you daily dose of funny:


  There is an overweight guy who is watching TV. A commercial comes on for a guaranteed weight loss of 10 pounds in a week. So the guy, thinking what the hell, signs up for it. Next morning an incredibly beautiful woman is standing at his door in nothing but a pair of running shoes and a sign about her neck that reads, "If you can catch me, you can have me." As soon as he sees her, she takes off running. He tries to catch her, but is unable. This continues for a week, at the end of which, the man has lost 10 pounds. After this he tries the next weight loss plan, 15 pounds in a week. The next morning an even more beautiful woman is standing at the door, in similar conditions. The same happens with her as the first woman, except he almost catches her. This continues for a week, at the end of which he, as suspected, weighs 15 pounds less. Excited about this success, he decides to do the master program. Before he signs up, he is required to sign a waiver and is warned about the intensity of this plan. Still he signs up. The next morning, waiting at the door, is a hulking 300 pound muscle man with nothing but a pair of running shoes, a raging erection, and a sign around his neck that says, "If I catch you, you're mine!" The man was supposed to lose 25 pounds in the week; he lost 34.